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The Goals section offers you a very powerful tool to analyse the minutes when the goals are scored for a specific league or specific sort of game.

More than that, with this tool you will be able to find the answer to a question like that: If we are in the 23 minute of the game Leicester - Manchester United and the sore is 1-0 what happens next?   





For the beginning let-s see when the goals are scored in the Premier League. Select “Goals” button on the bar menu then select the league you want. Let-s say “England-Premier League”.



The graph shows you the goals scored in Premier League minute by minute. The big deviation around 46 and 90 minutes are due the goals scored in extra time but considered by statistics scored on 45 and 90.

Not very much to see here, but notice in the bottom the most probable full-time or half-time results. The confidence is based on number of games in the database.

Now we go further to see what happens in a specific game, le-s say Leicester - Manchester United.  Select Leicester for the home team and Manchester United for the away team. Click the Refresh button.



Now it is more interesting. Please notice that the graph is available for all the games between similar teams considering their value.  

Easy to see that the difference is make usually after the 25 minute, especially in the beginning  of the second half.

Also please notice the most probable full-time and half-time score.

Let-s go further to answer to the question: when is the most probable first goal minute? To see that just click “first goal minute” check box.  


I think the picture is clear enough. The most probable interval is 1-15, scored by Manchester (blue). Also we can notice that if the score is still 0-0 on 40 minute, it is very probable the next 10-15 minutes for the first goal of the game.

Now, as I said before, you have a very powerful tool on your hand. Let-s see what happens next if in the 60 minutes the score is still 0-0.

Select “Start minute” to 60 and “Current score” 0-0. Of course you may select the score you want but always take into account the confidence - the number of preview games considered.   

As we expected, the Manchester United probably will score in the next 20 minutes. If not, maybe a big surprise. Many times the underdog managed to score in the last 15 minutes of the games.

Also notice the goals scored by the big favourite in the last few minutes. Take care!