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If you have a software’s lifetime license, you will have for free all the future improvements and the new features added to the main software or to the add-ons you have already bought. (Here are not included next new add-ons or new separate software I will create)

If I made it clear, want to underline again that I will never ask for an extra fee or similar for any feature or improvement I might create. If you receive such a request, please contact me as soon as possible.

Anyway, over the years, many users just wanted to show their gratitude for the fact that the tools created by me helped them to move to the next level and now to be very successful players.

I did not accept any extra money without creating something new in exchange. Still, meanwhile I realised that I was wrong because any extra money would help me and all the users to have better services to make the software more stable, faster and so on.

Finally, to make it short, if you are among those that had a big success and still want to help the software’s development, you have now the chance to do that. If you want, you will be listed on this page with your full name, or with just a nickname.

A big THANK YOU from the current and the future users to:

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