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In order to register your copy, you can submit your user code using the following button. I will send you the licence code as soon as possible. Please be patient. It may take few hours.

To save time, if you reinstall the software and your user code is the same, then the license is the same so you can use the license you already have!

To find your user code, please download the setup program here, install the software, and click the “Update” button. Copy the user code to clipboard and paste to the following form on “User code” field.

Please note: In order to receive a license you need to apply for a subscription plan here.

If you have any question or suggestion please use the CONTACT form on this page or access my forum

Apply for a license code.

Contact me on FACEBOOK .

Facebook is not the primary contact option, the response may be given with some delay,  but you may send me a message on my Facebook page.

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If you just want to send me a message, regarding any problem, opinion, suggestion you might have please click the button below.

Contact me for any other problem.

If you didn’t manage to set-up the program, I can help remotely. All you have to do is download the remote access program using the link bellow (read details about the program here), run it, and send me  the  ID and Password to my email address.

Please note that the program requires no installation. Just run it and, if you send me the ID and password, it will allow me to remotely access your system to fix the issues you reported. The connection is completely safe, you can see everything, we can chat and the password is available only one time.

If you need remote assistance

Click here to download the Supremo_CGM Remote access application.

123 345 654


Periodically I will organize a presentation and all users will receive an invitation via the program. If you want to join:

1. after receiving the invitation, please fill the form you will find here.   

2. download the program using the following link: Click here to download the program.

3. run the program (does not need installation) and insert on the right side the ID code I will send you directly to your email address.  

If you want to join a meeting

If you want to apply for a license code click here

If you want to contact me for problems other than software support click here

To open a support ticket or to check the status of your tickets click here

If you need remote assistance click here

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